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Hello Out there,

I just finished my blog image, I feel very please with it but, I might add some stuff later. First I wanted something that represents all what I like, but than, I don’t want to include so many things that it would look too clutter.

Next thing that I wanted to share with you, is that I will have a March Give-Away digital kit, so I hope if you are reading this, come back and get it.

I am not sure yet which palette to use but, for right now I think this would be very nice:

Any body has a better idea?

Well, for now I’ll start to design and decide the palette later.

Have a nice day. . .


One thought on “Blog Image

  1. The Palette you’ve chosen looks lovely, kind’ve reminds me of Summer as I look to it.

    My ideas, well if it was my site I’d choose blues and purples but I have always liked those shades. But this is your site and you have chosen a great palette so far that doesn’t distract from your writting or your photos.

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