April’s Goals

You can see the results on my goals from last month here.

My goals for this month:

1.- Keep all my appointments organized on my Google calendar (this tool has become very helpful to me.

2.- Follow-up the results of my appointments.

4.- Finish 4 more web designs.

3.- Finish my website design.

4.- Work on the text for my website (About me, my services, etc). That way I can get closer to publish it. Maybe in May?

5.- Make a new website-customer for this month

6.- keep-up with the sales to reach my goal for this year (10 new customers)

7.- Finish the digital Facebook Timeline headers and post them on my blog and website for sale.





6 thoughts on “April’s Goals

  1. Hey Adriana, hope your April goes really well! Sounds like you’re getting all the technical/writing/planning stuff together, and then you’ll be done with that for a while! Look forward to seeing your website done! Happy April

    • Liz, thank you for your encouragement. Since we moved from a very humid climate and we live now in a very dry and cold place, I’m getting sick very often, sometimes is hard to get ahead when I don’t feel well. Than you for your works please visit me again.

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