Wedding Day

Finally, the photography- wedding day was last Sunday and everything went very good. I was very different to shot this event because I did not know that I had to compete with other 2 photographers and 2 video camera guys that showed -up last minute since apparently that’s what they do as freelance photographers. Later these photographers tried to sell their photos at the wedding reception. It was very annoying because I tried to take photos and one guy was always on my way. 😦

However, I did my best and I’m pretty sure that the Bride and Groom notice the crowded day we all had.

This is one of the photos at the mass ceremony

Blessing Earnest

Blessing Earnest

The lady that gave us the photography job was very pleased with the photos and she will recommend us.

Yesterday we had a big music-group photo session and it was very exciting. There were 18 guys who were very playful and fun to work with. This was a good experience for controlling big group photos. Will post a photo soon.


4 thoughts on “Wedding Day

  1. Those freelance people can be so rude sometimes just showing up and then getting in the way of other photographers.

    I am loving the photo you shared here though, the hands just express the beauty of the day and I’m thrilled for you that the lady who hired you will recommend you to others. Well done!!

  2. Pues simplemente… ¡¡¡muchísimas felicidades por tu trabajo!!!, eres una excelente fotógrafa, ésta imagen que nos compartes me fascinó, expresa muchas cosas, es una excelente toma, muy íntima y transmite ganas de querer casarse, jaja, nuevamente felicidades y espero ver las demás fotos. Sigue haciendo lo que haces, pues lo haces muuuuuy bien xoxo 😉

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