Grapes Finally! – Finalmente Uvas!

finally grapes

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Today is a gorgeous sunny day and we have a good weather. Reason why I felt like getting my camera out to get the latest photos of my grapevine and share them with you. Hoy es un hermoso y soleado … Continue reading

Earth Day April 22 Dia de la Tierra 22 de Abril

As we all know, this April 22 is Earth Day. My family and I will celebrate riding our bikes to our favorite place in the mountains having a pic nick meanwhile we appreciate a gorgeous scenery. We will also give some love to our grape vine tree.  I hope to post later about this special day.

How would you celebrate?


Como todos sabemos, este dia 22 de Abril es el dia de Nuestra madre Tierra. Mi familia y yo celebraremos yendo a nuestro lugar favorito en las montañas en nuestras bicicletas tomando un agradable pic nick en la hermosa vista que tenemos afortunadamente cerca, también le daremos cuidados especiales a nuestra parra de uvas en el patio de nuestra casa.Espero tomar fotografías en ese dia tan especial. 😉

Como celebrarás tu?

I’m booked for a wedding photography . . . Yayyyyy!


Last night, I received a phone call . . . my friend and student on the other side of the line asking me if I would like to take some photos of a wedding ceremony in the local main Cathedral. My first feeling? . . .  fear!  …but then the joy kicked in, and I accepted. The event will take place in 15 days approx (I will get more details from her today Wednesday).

For now, I’ll have to get acquainted with the church, where is the best place to take the photos from?, test my camera, so on and so forth.

This is exciting but, also scary, because I will have to be inside of the church trying to take pictures of things that won’t ever be repeated! I hope that the priest will be cool with everything because from what I’ve heard some of the local-priests can be very uptight about the photography service and my only concern is to catch the great moments that the couple in love will (hopefully) always cherish.

I’ve taken weddings before, but  they were either after church or before the ceremony, so this is a big step for me, mind you, but I’m willing to do my best.

Any experiences or tips are very welcome . . .

The Miracle of Life El Milagro de la Vida

My Fig Plant

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Hello everyone! Thanks for stopping by.  My topic for today is about the miracle of live. Yes! Something that for me has been and will probably continue to be amazing. Every season in winter in this area, everything seems so … Continue reading

Blog Image

Hello Out there,

I just finished my blog image, I feel very please with it but, I might add some stuff later. First I wanted something that represents all what I like, but than, I don’t want to include so many things that it would look too clutter.

Next thing that I wanted to share with you, is that I will have a March Give-Away digital kit, so I hope if you are reading this, come back and get it.

I am not sure yet which palette to use but, for right now I think this would be very nice:

Any body has a better idea?

Well, for now I’ll start to design and decide the palette later.

Have a nice day. . .